Frequently Asked Questions

What can a health coach help me with?

Kelly is prepared to help you with any of your lifestyle goals or conditions you have been told you have. She can help with weight loss, stress perception, sleep problems, movement goals, thyroid issues, addressing emotional stress, prediabetes/diabetes, career goals, time management, organization, and relationship improvement. She can suggest meal plans, movement templates, and guides for self care. Kelly is not a dietitian and all food related resources should be taken to your physician for review before implementing. 

What will I get out of working with a coach?

You will get a listening ear, education on your condition or concerns, resources to review and take to your physician, accountability, collaborative goal setting, a deeper understanding of what drives you, deeper commitment to your goals, and a quicker route to your desired end result. We at Blossom Health Coach help you simplify the overwhelm of changing your lifestyle. 

Can you advise me on what to eat? What about supplements?

Kelly can make suggestions as to what food groups to focus on as we journey towards you goal. Kelly is not a dietician and therefore cannot advise on supplements, but suggestions can be given for you to take to your physician for review.  

Why should I choose Blossom Health Coach to help me reach my goals?

Because it can be overwhelming to conquer your goals on your own when you're just starting out, or when you've reached a plateau. Kelly can help you simplify the overwhelm, breakdown your goals into bite size pieces that you can check off weekly. You will learn more about your health conditions and how to turn them around naturally. Kelly also provides accountability, credible health resources and information, and helps you prepare for your doctors visits with questions, options, requests, and you will feel empowered to advocate for yourself. You will achieve lasting success, not just a quick fix. 

How much do your services cost?

At Blossom Health Coach, our prices are on par with the national average for health coaching. We love to discuss your needs one to one in a free strategy call so that you understand the value that you are receiving. Know that money is an exchange of energy and that what you receive will be worth it if you put the effort in on your end. If you do this, you will see results and improvement. We provide a money back guarantee. If you have given our plan your all and feel understood but are not satisfied, you will get your money back. It's that easy. 

How long will we work together?

Kelly meets you where you are in your journey. That might mean we come together after you've already made lifestyle changes and want to check in to see if there is anything additional you could be doing or if you've hit a plateau and want advice on how to move past it. You might also just be starting out and not know where to begin. Depending on where you are in your journey, we might work together for one session or one of our 3- or 6- month packages. Sessions are one hour and include unlimited email support in between sessions. 

How do we meet for our sessions?

Kelly meets with clients in person; either in her home office or a public space if you prefer. Kelly also provides online video sessions using Zoom for your convenience and to accommodate clients from across the country. 

Why should I trust you?

Kelly is Certified as a Functional Health Coach through the Institute for Functional Health Coaching and has been a nurse for 9 years. Please understand that Kelly is not practicing a medical role in this capacity. For the last three years, Kelly has been coaching patients in private practice so has hours of listening, planning, and goal setting experience. Kelly's clients have seen great results, including lasting weight loss, improved mood and energy, and even improved fertility. Kelly has also been in your shoes. Her personal experience with significant weight gain due to stress and lack of intentional movement gives her a firsthand knowledge of where you are. She coached herself out of this dark space and lost 80 pounds over the course of four years (with a pregnancy in the middle!). She has experimented with different ways of eating, countless exercise options, and got control of her mind and thoughts. She is also a wife and mother. She understands where you are in your busy life because she has been there, and transformed her life into one she is confident in, and excited to live. 

What can I expect from our first session?

Prior to our first session, you will receive an intake form to complete. It provides us with important information so we can better meet you where you are in your journey. The first session includes reviewing the intake form and your concerns. Together, you and Kelly will craft small, totally doable goals to get you rolling while we create a plan to address the more broad concerns. You will be listened to and guided to dig deeper. You will receive a personalized list of resources and links within 48 hours of the first session and unlimited email support in between sessions for questions and checking in. Sessions are typically held every two weeks. 

I'm in, Kelly. Where do I sign up?

 Click here to schedule your free 20 minute strategy session where you and Kelly will get to know each other and briefly discuss your needs. If you are an ongoing client, click here to schedule a one time session or a package.