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I know your struggles…

I know you, I know you feel unbalanced, tired, irritable, and like there’s never enough of you to go around. I know your schedule is hectic with work and trying to get the kids where they need to be at the right time, let alone cooking a healthy dinner at a reasonable time; all while keeping a clean house and a happy marriage. I know because I’ve been there too.

I know you. I know you feel worried, stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. I know sometimes you feel hopeless, too. I know it’s a lot to handle. And on top of that, you have some unwanted pounds you’d like to get rid of. But how could you possibly manage fitting exercise AND healthy eating into your already crazy schedule? Been there.

I know you wake up with the best of intentions for the day but then….life happens to you. I know you feel like you don’t have a handle on things and like life is running YOU, rather than you running your life. I know you’re worried about finances, your work responsibilities and all the drama that goes on at work. Life has run me, too.

I know you hate mornings, trying to get everyone out the door on time. And evenings aren’t much better; someone always has practice or a school event and you have to put dinner on hold to pile everyone back in the car. It’s stressful. It’s overwhelming. It’s like you just can’t gain any traction on your healthy goals. I know because I’ve lived this, too.

I know you. I know somedays you wake up hating your body and feeling ashamed that you haven’t shed that weight yet or that you indulged last night. I know the guilt you feel. I know you want to feel confident in your own skin.

I know you wonder if you’re doing anything right.

I know you fear you’re not good enough.

Because I’ve felt all these things, too.


how i know you

I spent most of my adult life thus far living in the tornado of BUSY that I created for myself. I have had months where all I felt like I was doing was packing up to leave the house and unpacking from being gone at work all day. I have had such extreme anxiety that I ended up in the ER 3 times with panic attacks. My weight shifted up dramatically in my 20’s due to depression and anxiety. I have felt such shame about my body and my lack of healthy habits that many a day I sobbed, alone in the shower.

I, myself am a recovering perfectionist and healing from the deep wounds that my past ingrained in me. I was always trying to “get it right” and my husband can attest that for me, nothing was ever enough. I was in a constant cycle of fear and people pleasing.

And I was miserable. Even though “I had it all “ (home, good career, healthy kids, friends, husband), my thoughts were ugly.

The story I was telling myself everyday was not a happy one.

Only when I realized the story I was telling myself was an illusion, that my fears were built based on learned experiences from my past relationships, was I able to unchain myself from this cycle and

begin to heal, grow, and even thrive.

My healing was physical:

  • weight loss (80#)

  • improved eating habits

  • regular exercise

  • improved gut health

  • decreased PMS

  • regulated hormones

  • suppression of endometriosis

  • clearer skin

  • thicker hair

  • strong muscles


  • eliminated depression and anxiety

  • stable mood

  • no more emotional eating

  • self awareness

  • respect for my body and my journey

  • increased self esteem

  • & vibrating confidence

This program was developed to focus on ALL the necessary components of making lasting, healthy lifestyle change - not just diet.


in their words…from ALIGN’s most recent group:

  • “I’m saving so much money by eating at home and packing my lunch”

  • “I wanted to do the ALIGN program to prove to myself that I care enough about myself to take my life back”

  • “[trying new recipes] is my new favorite thing to do!”

  • “In 3 weeks I’ve lost weight (5 pounds) which has been really encouraging and motivating. I can definitely tell when I put my clothes on!”

  • “Cutting out grain has just been tremendous”

  • “I was really happily surprised that even after just a few weeks of eating like this, when I had a “cheat meal” for my birthday, my body was just like ‘NOPE!’”

  • “My relationship with food is really changing”

  • “This program is so full of good food...I never worry about where my next meal is going to come from”

  • “Keeping the fridge stocked with ingredients for the recipes and snacks has been a game changer for me”

  • real client experiences with Blossom Health Coach:

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My goal in creating this program is that no woman be left out there feeling she isn’t good enough, anxious & worrying, and restricting her diet because she’s been taught to hate her body.


The ALIGN Program gives you back control of your life.

It will leave you feeling:

powerful joyful

balanced stable

calm positive

accomplished confident

healthy authentic

  • & empowered with tools to continue living healthy for the rest of your life.

    You will create time and space for healthy routines. You will have soaring energy. You will have a body that you appreciate and feel confident in. Mornings and evenings will be a time for you to enjoy your kids. You will be eating to nourish your body and moving because you love it. Dinner is a breeze with the simple, quick, AND healthy recipes you now have. You feel confident in asking for help and saying no. You even feel more connected with your spouse and have the energy for discussions that don’t revolve around to-do lists, you have time for date nights, and even some sexy time.



With plans personalized to you, you will engage in a transformation that aligns with your values, beliefs, and family dynamics. You will feel like this program was made for you. Because it is!


What you’ve tried in the past hasn’t worked, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. During your time in the align program, you will learn how to eat to nourish your body and mind, rid your body of sugar addiction, simplify healthy cooking, and adjust meals to your needs while still feeding your family what they like. As a byproduct of my Circle of Wellness method, the pounds will melt away, your waistline, hips, and thighs will slim down, and the scale will be lower and lower with each passing week. You’ll feel nourished, energized, and in control of your eating habits.


You will wake up every day feeling refreshed, confident of your abilities, energized, and ready to take on the day! You won’t need that afternoon pick me up and you definitely won’t be dragging ass by 5 pm. Watch out, world!

By attending to your body’s nutritional needs, managing stress, carefully selecting  your responsibilities, switching into a mindset of success, and using proven techniques for getting better sleep, your energy will be soaring as I guide you through the 12 week program.


As your perspective transitions and your healthy habits gain traction, you find inner motivation which leads to vibrating confidence! You will feel more comfortable in your clothes and even be snagging some new threads that match your new found glow. You will be certain of your life goals, your purpose, and each decision you make, which breeds an internal confidence that can’t be beat. People will notice this higher vibration you emit and be naturally gravitating towards you. New opportunities await!


You will rest assured that you’re making these changes naturally, not with the aid of some shake mix or pills intended to decrease hunger. All my methods, meals, tips, and tricks are created through a holistic point of view. There are no fad diets and no quick fixes. We will employ real, fresh, nourishing foods, safe movement, essential oils where indicated, real paper books by stellar authors; natural skin, beauty, and household products, natural detoxing methods, quality nutritional  supplements, and deep, proven mindset techniques.

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blossom into your full potential

Remember when I told you how I know you? Because I WAS you?

Let me explain how that all has changed for me.

I now live a life I am ecstatic to wake up to. EVERY. DAMN. DAY! I “work” from home, spending my time learning about and teaching the things I love and believe in. I spend actual, real time with my kids everyday. I listen to my body and know what it needs. I created time for daily exercise because I love my body and I love how movement makes me feel strong, empowered, and successful. I see things in a different light, now. I don’t let small things stress me out. And when the big things come along, I engage my strengths to figure it out creatively. I eat well to nourish my body. I respect my nighttime routine because I know it serves me for the next day. I have lost 80 pounds and my weight has stayed steady for 5 years now. (Even with a pregnancy in the middle!). I still live my life and enjoy good food and drinks. I don’t restrict myself, I just listen to my body; and I can teach you how to do the same.

I have never felt more like myself in my entire adult life.

Ready to start living your best life ever? Click here!


free yourself from worrying if you’re “doing it right”…

Because this program, ALIGN, was designed by an expert health coach, a mom, and a recovering Busy Woman.

This program gives you the tools to UNLOCK YOUR PERSONAL PEACE. 
Expect these amazing transformations:
10-20# weight loss (especially the belly)
Joyful Mood
Soaring Energy
Vibrating Confidence
People Flocking to Your Positive Energy
Receiving All that You've Wanted from the Universe

The ALIGN! Program is a 12-week, small group coaching program.

 I only accept 13 clients into the group a few times a year. I set this boundary so I can make sure I'm giving you ALL MY ALL. 
In the  ALIGN! Program you get one on one contact with me EVERY WEEK for 12 weeks, plus tons of content we're going to look at next, and support via my private Facebook group: ALIGN Members Only!

In this program you will get:

Done for you Meal Plans ($600 value)
Corresponding Grocery Lists ($120 value)
Supplement Guides ($95 value)
Signature Circle of Wellness Training ($550 value)
Weekly Coaching Calls ($1140 value)
Guides to Eating Out, Intermittent Fasting, Meal Planning ($285 value)
Success Mindset Training ($95 value)
Vision Crafting Tutorial ($95 value)
How to Make it Stick! ($95 value)—————————————————————-

  • Thats over $3,000 in Expert Services, Content, and Training

Like I said, I've done the work...for order to bring this to you. 
But I won't charge you $3k to get what you want, because I want you to succeed so badly. 
I want a world full of women who are crushing it.
 I priced this program so that women can afford to invest in themselves.

I'm going to give it all to you..everything in my vault, plus some brand new goodies...for $1597. That's like, 50% off!
If you want to do payments, it's 3 payments of $579 - if that works better for you. 
I'm also going to throw in...

  • A Free Meal Planbook from Blossom Health Coach

  • Email support between Weekly Calls to answer your burning questions

  • & a list of 20 Clean, Non-Toxic Beauty Products

Click here to book a quick call with me to make sure this program is a perfect fit for you:

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I know your time is valuable. If you’ve purchased but feel like the program isn’t right for you, you can request a refund (100%) within 30 days of joining. I don’t think you’ll need it, but it’s there!


I know you. You’ve been waiting for a program like this: one that takes into account your personal situation and tailors to your beliefs, values, and responsibilities. I know you’ve felt anxious, guilty, overwhelmed and stressed. Let’s stop the cycle of body shaming, food guilt, people pleasing, and forget that nonsense that you’re not good enough, because


If even one of those feelings above strikes a chord with you, this program is for you. If you struggle with emotional eating, binge eating, sugar addiction, inconsistent eating, fad dieting, or cravings, this program has the tools to cut that shit out and get you on the right track! If you have some extra pounds to shed or want to tone up your body, the nutrition tools in this program will help you do just that, as well as the movement goals we will create for you. The added accountability from the weekly coaching with me will keep you on track so you ACTUALLY reach those goals this time. If you struggle with stress, overwhelm, feeling like life is a tornado and you can’t get out: the mindset exercises and perception training we do will have you feeling light as a feather in the first 2 weeks. If you struggle with fatigue and poor sleep: we will focus on that first so you have the energy to make the most of the program.