What We Do

We stand for self improvement and blossoming into the best version of you!

Together, we WILL transform your life into one that SHINES. Feel calm, authentic, healthy, and happy in this body you’ve been given!

Hundreds of women have benefited from Kelly’s coaching programs; they’ve had breakthroughs that previously had them hung up for years. Women just like you have realized their inner strengths and achieved their personal wellness goals. Kelly’s personal wellness plans help break down your goals into bite size pieces so you can ditch the overwhelm and just enjoy the ride!

Kelly’s programs deliver the goods to help you achieve remarkable results. 

Women who join forces with Kelly have reported lasting weight loss, a wealth of energy, elevated mood, and soaring confidence. Her approach is practical, functional, and gets the job done when you need it. 

Client Testimonials:

Hillary D, 34

"I have had the pleasure of working with Kelly for several months now. It was clear to me from the beginning that she is passionate about her work and is gifted in helping women figure out how to be their best, balanced and healthiest selves. Kelly's approach is one that encompasses the whole person: body, mind, and spirit, which I appreciate. In addition, she is kind, patient, resourceful, positive, a wonderful listener, and above all, a compassionate person that deeply believes in what she does. I look forward to our continued work together!"

Arielle P, 34

"Kelly and I met under extenuating circumstances. I had suffered a miscarriage and was paired with her to help me work through hypothyroidism that progressed into Hashimoto's disease. Kelly helped me by walking with me through the task of re-aligning my diet and lifestyle to bring my body into balance. Kelly made me feel supported, empowered, and capable. Kelly provided me with resources, but  most of all encouragement, accountability, and a listening ear."

Sheila M, 57

"I approached Kelly because I was frustrated of only getting " half way" with where I wanted to be.At first, it started with wanting to lose weight and get more motivated to workout. Holy Guacamole!  It became so much more.  At our first session, Kelly helped me be very specific about my nutrition and exercise goals.  She is incredibly knowledgeable about goal setting, baby steps, manageable strategies and finding what "fits" into my life. Today we talked about focusing on how I imagine my life and how to get there! I always leave feeling stronger, inspired and, yes, empowered to find my joy. I appreciate her non- judgement approach.  She really meets me where I am!  The passion she has for health coaching is contagious."

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Who We Are

Kelly Schroeder is a mom of two fantastic kids and used to hustle and grind away at that BUSY life. In the last few years, she’s completely transformed her life into one she’s excited and energized to wake up and LIVE everyday.

She has been a nurse for nearly 10 years and has worked with critically ill children and in women’s health. Her desire to help other women blossom into the best version of themselves was born from her own struggles. She intimately knows the ins and outs of making lasting lifestyle change and loves creating personal wellness plans for busy women.

She is a lifelong learner and efficiency connoisseur. She loves organization, plans, routines, and experimenting with different nutrition and exercise theories. She is energized by sunshine, fresh air, yoga, sweating, and reading everything about self improvement.

Lifestyle change is best achieved when the client feels empowered, not that they are being told what to do.
— Kelly Schroeder, CEO